A naked body is a body unclothed in meaning. 

What is said after the façade has been removed ... what is the naked me?

Perhaps the sight of the nakedness reminds us of our own mortality, its fleshiness prompting existential dread and thus aversion. 

The implied sexuality of nudity is also anxiety-provoking, because unrestrained sexuality entails a loss of self. This becomes all the more dangerous and unthinkable in public spaces.

In modernity, public nudity has become the absurd. A clownish act, a definance against reasonableness, a mark of madness.

Who would do such a thing? 

The Nakedme project involved acts of public nakedness that were photographed or filmed, and posted online, with little context other than a sickly enthusiasm for the act itself. We styled ourselves as "The Greatest Avant-Punk Provocatuers on Earth", and the aim of the works was to provoke – whether the reaction was amusement or outrage, and the line between the two is often thin. In retrospect, perhaps this provocation as an end in itself was as important as the commentary about censorship and body acceptance that was discussed about the project in the media.

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